3 Things You Can Do to Energize Your Wallet

3 Things You Can Do to Energize Your Wallet

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

While other people may be putting their money in a bank, you might be unintentionally be stashing your cash in your old water heater tank. Storing hot water in an older water tank results in significant energy loss that comes right out of your pocket; in fact, this loss could account for as much as 14% of your average household energy budget! Why should you pay to store hot water that you’re not using? Consider getting a tankless water heater that provides all the amenities of the older models without the inefficient and uneconomical use of energy. This practical investment will ensure that you have money to put in the bank so that you don’t end up underwater. Don’t end up with the wrong kind of liquid assets—talk to us about your options for upgrading your current water heating system today.

Save Water

We’ve all been doing our part to save the planet: recycling bottles, opting for paper bags at the supermarket, and enjoying a long bike ride instead of a short car trip. Installing a recirculating water pump will help you help the environment without even thinking about it! Think back to your daily shower scene: how long do you have to wait for the water to heat up? Thirty seconds? Forty? A full minute? While that doesn’t seem like a lot of time, those precious seconds can quickly add up: you could be wasting between 200 and 300 gallons of water per month. Recirculating water systems eliminate this shocking waste of water by instantly pumping hot water from a water heater while sending cooled-off water back to be reheated. These modern systems literally save you from flushing money down the drain while helping you to conserve nature’s most valuable resource. So even though your singing in the shower might not be doing anyone any favors, you can feel good knowing that you’re saving water (and the world) with a recirculating water pump. You can also use the spring and summer as perfect opportunities to ignore your oven and fire up your outdoor grill and cook delicious meals for your family. Heating up the oven can drastically increase the temperature in your kitchen and your home, which means you’ll be forced to blast the air conditioning just to stay comfortable! Besides, there’s nothing better than chicken or a burger pulled right off the grill — nothing, that is, except saving money on your utility bills.

Live Better

Sure, saving money and water is great, but there’s also something to be said for simply making your life easier. You work hard and ought to have every last minute of blissful sleep that you can get, so you shouldn’t waste time in the morning waiting for the shower to heat up, nor should you have to stand impatiently at the sink waiting for hot dishwashing water. There are countless other household demands for hot water; whether from large families who need dependable and consistent sources of hot water for showers and baths, jacuzzi or spa owners that require affordable hot water sources to relax in their tubs, or budding chefs and bakers in kitchen who need instant access to hot water for delicious recipes, the decision to upgrade existing water heating systems will benefit you in every room of the house.

This is your wake-up call—it’s time to think about getting rid of those energy- and water-wasting systems from yesteryear, explore installation options for recirculating water pumps or tankless water heaters, and shower yourself with all of the savings and conveniences that you should have. Each may be a little thing but they start to add up to a very economical, comfortable, and conserving lifestyle, giving you the best of all worlds.

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