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How Hydro-Jetting Can Help Your Drain Problems

Most homeowners experience “ugh” moments in their kitchen or bathrooms occasionally: slow-draining tubs, gurgling sinks, mystery smells wafting from the general direction of the garbage disposal. Usually, some good old-fashioned DIY maintenance takes care of minor problems. (Baking soda and vinegar’s our favorite.) But if you’re experiencing frequent back-ups, recurring odors, ongoing sluggish drains, or

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A Beginner’s Guide to Programmable Thermostats

These days, most people are all about gadgets. We went from smart phones to smart everything in pretty short order, and we just love when our electronics make our lives easier and our day-to-day tasks faster. As Mount Vernon HVAC professionals, we keep our eyes on all the technological advances designed to keep our customers’

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Worst Plumbing Mistakes DIYers Make

How to Avoid Costly (and Dangerous) Consequences of Playing Plumber With the dawn of YouTube and Pinterest, most of us have tried—and failed—at a DIY project or two (or 27). Regardless of our past “nailed it” moments, we’re nevertheless tempted to take DIY to a new level when we think it’ll save us serious cash—worst

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Humidity Control in the Bathroom

Hello all, Kyle here from CPI Plumbing & Heating in Mount Vernon! It gets steamy in my bathroom and not in that way (usually). There is always someone who has a really hot shower at least once and that makes the whole bathroom billow steam. Multiply even a few moderately warm showers by a couple

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