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Whether you need to repair a leaking gas line or you’re planning on upgrading your existing gas pipe system, our experts at CPI Plumbing & Heating are prepared to provide you with the quality service you need.

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Are you looking to convert from electricity or oil to a more cost-effective alternative? Natural gas can provide you with greater energy savings over time. Running your water heater, dryer, stove, or other home appliances on natural gas offers improved energy efficiency and can help you save even more on your utility bill.

If you have made the decision to convert to natural gas, our experts at CPI Plumbing & Heating are here to help you complete the job safely. Our licensed gas line installers can help you plan and lay out a gas piping system that meets building code and the highest industry standards.

Our experts will also ensure that the gas pipe materials installed on your property meet local requirements. Materials typically used include black steel pipes (often installed as indoor gas lines) and corrugated stainless steel tubing (recommended in situations that require more flexible gas pipes).

Installing New Gas Appliances?

Do you currently have a gas pipe system installed on your property, but you’re planning on installing new gas appliances such as a tankless water heater or other equipment with similarly large fuel demands?

You may need to upgrade your existing gas line and ventilation to efficiently accommodate the demands of your new appliances. Our experts can help you with this and ensure a safe and accurate upgrade.

Gas Leak? Contact Us for Emergency Gas Leak Repair in Mount Vernon

Do you suspect a gas leak in your home? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts for immediate help. We provide emergency gas leak repair throughout the Mount Vernon area.

Telltale signs of gas leaks include:

You may also feel physical symptoms such as dizziness, difficulty breathing, or constant fatigue or lethargy.

Our experts will locate the site of the leak and have the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

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CPI Plumbing & Heating is committed to helping you enjoy the comfort of your own home. We will take the time to discuss your gas line concerns, go over the scope of work and pricing upfront, and make sure you receive the exceptional results you deserve.

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