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What is AC Refrigerant?

In our everyday lives, we receive a lot of comfort from our cooling appliances. We live in air-conditioned homes, drive in air-conditioned cars, and work in air-conditioned offices. We keep our food safe and fresh using our refrigerators. On a hot, sunny day, we can sit down for an icy cold drink, courtesy of our

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How Often Should AC Air Filters Be Changed

Air conditioners are primarily cooling machines. However, they also have another valuable function that increases your comfort at home. Your hardworking central AC not only cools your home but also improves the air quality inside it. As air passes through your AC system, dust and other impurities are caught in the air filter, which means

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Where is my AC Air Filter?

Is your air conditioner not cooling as well as it usually does? Is it straining or taking a long time to provide cool air for your house? Don’t panic. A lot of problems with your AC can be fixed with a simple air filter replacement. Changing the air filter is probably the easiest maintenance you

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What Happens if AC is Not Serviced?

Nothing brings more comfort on a hot day than a perfectly working air conditioner. It cools down your home, takes away that heavy humidity, and filters out all the impurities in the air. You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy. For you to keep enjoying your air conditioner’s functions, it is necessary to maintain

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Can I Replace AC Capacitor Myself?

An air conditioner capacitor is an essential part of an air conditioning system. It provides the electrical charge necessary to run components in your air conditioner unit. This includes parts like the fan motor, blower motor, and air handler. But when it comes to replacing a bad capacitor, many people wonder if they can do

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Reasons why your AC won’t turn on

When the temperatures outside are soaring, all you want is to feel the cold air coming from your air conditioner. Nothing beats that kind of comfort on a hot and humid day. However, sometimes, when you least expect it, the unthinkable happens: your AC won’t turn on. Air conditioners are essential to our comfort and

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How to Know When It’s Time for a New Toilet

Toilets go through a lot. It’s no surprise that eventually our toilets need to be replaced. In fact, most professionals recommend swapping out your toilet once every 10 to 15 years. It may last longer if properly maintained, but generally, you’ll need a new one eventually. The question then stands, how do we know when

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5 Things Your Plumbers Don’t Tell You About Hot Water Tank Repair

Hot water tanks are integral to comfortable and hygienic homes. They help with everything from washing dishes and laundry to washing yourself. For some buildings, hot water tanks also regulate heat in the home. At CPI Plumbing & Heating, we know our fair share about water tanks. We work with customers in the Mount Vernon

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How to Remove Rust from Bathroom Toilets & Sinks

Rust is unsightly and a pain to clean. As a leading plumbing service provider in Skagit County, our team at CPI Plumbing & Heating receives plenty of questions about removing rust stains from plumbing. Here we’ll talk a bit about the cause of rust, cleaning methods, and proactive solutions to avoid future rust. Here’s what

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Garbage Disposal

Why Does My Garbage Disposal Smell?

Garbage isn’t associated with good smells, but if your garbage disposal smells funky, there could be a problem. At CPI Plumbing and Heating, we deal with our share of garbage disposal issues in Mount Vernon. We see many causes for bad smells, but fortunately, we know just as many ways to fix the issue. Here,

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