Reasons To Winterize Your Home

Reasons To Winterize Your Home

Preventing damage and conserving energy are the two main reasons why you should winterize the plumbing in your house.
How CPI Can Prevent Damage
  • By checking and insulating exposed plumbing lines, we ensure that your plumbing does not freeze during the winter. This could cause the pipes to burst and flood your home.
  • Wind is one of the main reasons that plumbing will freeze or break in the winter. We use foam insulation or blocks to prevent wind from freezing your pipes.
  • We will disconnect your exterior hoses from outside faucets and cover them to prevent water from freezing on the inside. A broken faucet can leak inside your home when you turn it on and you might not know it is causing damage until it is too late.

How CPI Can Help You Conserve Energy

  • By draining and flushing your hot water heater, we will remove sediment which can cause your hot water to work extra hard in colder temperatures. If it is not flushed, it will expend more energy and will shorten the lifespan of your hot water heater.

Better Safe Than Really Sorry

By stopping up any holes in your house with foam insulation or blocks, you will also have a warmer house and conserve energy that would otherwise be expended by your heater.We locate and tag the main shutoff valve so that in the case of an emergency, you will be able to shut off the water if something were to happen.

A few years back, we had a customer in Anacortes, who had not had their home winterized before they left on vacation. They got a call from their neighbor during one of the big freezes that there was water coming out their front door. A pipe had burst and they had two or three inches on the floor of their home. All of this could have been easily prevented if they only had us winterize their home!

Don’t let winter catch you unaware!


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