How to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

How to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

Summer is approaching, and with it comes temperature spikes and intolerable humidity. You can ride out heat waves with reliable cooling systems. 

Still, hotter seasons can mean increased energy bills, especially with outdated or inefficient HVAC systems. Impossibly high energy costs may negate any of your AC’s cooling effects. 

You might prefer the uncomfortable summer temperatures over the unsettling expenses of inefficient cooling. Here we will share some tips on how you can stay cool in the summer without costing your peace of mind. 

Keeping your cooling system in check provides your home with steady and quality cooling. However, poor maintenance may expose your home to erratic temperatures and energy costs.

Worried about your energy bills spiking as high as outdoor temperatures? You came to the right place. 

We will help you find ways to avoid sweltering temperatures and soaring energy bills.

Get Your Home Summer-Ready!

Summer can be great, giving your home a reprieve from Washington’s winter weather. However, most of us are accustomed to cooler temperatures. 

You can take advantage of summer without committing to its temperatures all season long. One way to dive into summer without sweltering is to ensure your home is ready for the heat.

As temperatures rise and the need for heating diminishes, it’s important to shut down your heating system properly. This ensures that your heating system is in good condition for the next heating season!

What’s the Best Way to Get Reliable Cooling This Summer?

While summer is warmer than other seasons, it doesn’t get that much hotter. Mount Vernon is cooler than most places in Washington, even in the summer. Some homeowners get by with natural ventilation systems, but most homeowners still require supplementary cooling. 

However, in recent years, there have been erratic shifts in climate. Temperatures can sometimes soar above 80 degrees, prompting homeowners to rely on cooling mechanisms to avoid the heat. 

Electric fans can promote airflow, leading to cooler indoor environments. Still, faster air circulation cannot drastically alter temperatures. 

If you prefer temperature-altering devices, an air conditioner may suit your cooling needs better.

Air conditioners are widely considered to be the most reliable way to cool down during summer. AC systems provide steady cooling, keeping you comfortable despite outdoor temperatures.

If you already have an air conditioner, giving it a boost will improve its functions and efficiency. 

Prepping Your Air Conditioner for Washington Summers 

Preparing your air conditioning units for the summer months is essential for staying cool and comfortable during the hottest time of the year.

Avoid heat waves and unreliable cooling by getting your AC ready with pre-season maintenance. Some homeowners may see it as an additional expense, but preventive maintenance is a dynamic technique for preserving air conditioning systems. 

Professional pre-season maintenance – To have long-lasting comfort all summer, you should look into scheduling your current cooling system for a professional tune-up. 

Your AC unit accumulates dirt, debris, and other small particles throughout the year, reducing overall efficiency. A professional HVAC technician can clean the unit, check for leaks, and ensure everything works correctly. 

Professional maintenance keeps your air conditioner running smoothly to avoid mid-season breakdowns and costly repairs.

Cleaning or replacing air filters – While nothing beats professional services, there are steps you can take without assistance. 

Dirty air filters restrict airflow, pose risks for contamination, and reduce efficiency. You may feel their ill effects without closely inspecting your AC units. Subpar AC performance and inadequate cooling indicate saturated filters.

A clean filter will reduce the strain on your system, efficiently keeping your home’s temperature cleaner and cooler. Regularly replacing or cleaning air filters will noticeably reflect on your air quality and monthly dues. 

Managing dirty air filters helps lower energy consumption, reduce emissions, and stabilize air circulation. 

Upgrading your unit – You may already know how effective AC systems are during summer. Still, homeowners hesitate due to cooling costs. 

Thinking about how much air conditioners cost to keep your home cool in summer? Well-maintained and innovative air conditioners won’t cost much to deliver quality cooling. 

Energy costs may be skyrocketing due to mechanical malfunctions and worn-out systems. You can reduce energy consumption by making the switch to more energy-efficient systems. 

Older air conditioners may have less efficient systems. Newer AC systems have a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating, ensuring less energy consumption. Combining higher SEER ratings with routine maintenance makes all the difference!

Keep Yourself, Your Wallet, and the Environment Cool Against Summer Temperatures

Want to stay cool all summer without costing you or the environment too much? Don’t fret about the summer heat taking a toll on your wallet or the environment. 

You can use air conditioners to stay cool all summer without economic or environmental guilt. There are ways to fulfill your cooling needs sustainably.

Investing in a reliable cooling system is the first step in effectively lowering temperatures, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. 

How Is Reliable, Sustainable, and Affordable Cooling Possible?

When you invest in a quality air conditioning system, you invest in your comfort and sanity. You can achieve this trifecta with innovative air conditioners andbasic maintenance tasks.

Routine inspection, evaluation, and cleaning are all it takes to ensure your air conditioners produce top-quality cooling using fewer resources. Do not hesitate to invest in your HVAC systems, which help you avoid various risks.

Being too hot can negatively affect your health, causing overheating and inexplicable fatigue. Overheating causes dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Insurmountable heat is dangerous for fit young adults but especially risky for elders, infants, and those with health conditions. 

Maintaining your HVAC system is crucial for reliable cooling, helping you avoid health risks related to hotter temperatures. Regular maintenance also ensures various components are functioning properly and efficiently.

Safe-keeping AC systems include ridding them of hindrances, such as dirty filters and air registers. Ensuring internal components are safe from clog-inducing contaminants promotes airflow, regulates air distribution, and reduces resource consumption. 

Routine maintenance promotes comfort, safety, and overall sustainability. It even extends the lifespan of your AC unit, saving you more money in the long run. 

While there are plenty of reasons why you should observe regular maintenance, homeowners still hesitate. Hesitation is understandable. However, forgoing maintenance doesn’t save you any time or money.

Poorly maintained HVAC systems end up costing you more in the long run. 

The Effects of Poor AC Maintenance 

Stable air conditioning maintains consistent temperatures and healthy airflow, which are ideal for summer. However, your AC units may benefit from thorough cleaning when the cool breeze feels lukewarm and saturated.

If you’re not getting the kind of cooling you expected, internal systems may be bogged down by clogs and blockages. When your AC unit works overtime due to poor airflow, it can lead to mid-season breakdowns, mechanical malfunctions, and a shortened lifespan. 

Hindered airflow leads to unstable distribution, which overworks air conditioners. You can tell when your AC units are struggling by paying attention to their output quality. 

One of the most significant benefits of maintenance is improving indoor air quality, but it also saves you from encountering any bothersome indicators. 

Common Indicators of Malfunctioning Air Conditioning Systems

Pay close attention to unusual smells and noises. Foul odors wafting indoors and hearing inexplicable noises can greatly impact your comfort but indicate problematic issues that need repairs. 

Clogged filters cause AC units to produce various emissions, indicating internal malfunctions. Your indoor air may be loaded with allergens and other harmful pollutants. Temperatures may also be tepid and underwhelming. 

AC units may consume more resources to produce subpar-quality output. Imagine paying monthly dues while experiencing allergies and still uncomfortably warm indoors.

Your home needs reliable airflow to help maintain temperatures and stabilize indoor insulation. Consistent air circulation reduces the risk of air loss, easing the burden on AC blower motors and fans. 

Uninhibited functions reduce energy costs and produce less hazardous emissions. The less your AC systems struggle to meet your cooling needs, the fewer resources it consumes. 

Avoid the effects of faulty air conditioners by enlisting professional inspections and maintenance services.

Optimize Your Air Conditioner Before Summer

We know air conditioners can help keep you cool all summer. However, we also know how unreliable air conditioners can let you down. 

If you want to stay cool all summer effectively and efficiently, enlist reliable and professional services. A professional inspection is the best way to guarantee that your system operates properly and safely.

Here’s another way to save yourself from mental and financial stressors: opt for reputable HVAC contractors who won’t take advantage of your cooling needs.

Let CPI Plumbing & Heating Help You Keep Your Cool!

Don’t worry about staying cool this summer! CPI will conduct various maintenance tasks to help you stay chill all summer long. 

CPI is one of Washington’s most reputable and trustworthy service providers for all things cooling. Our technicians have provided Washington with air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance for decades.

CPI technicians detect potential malfunctions and pinpoint worn-out parts to help your air conditioner avoid mid-season breakdowns. We will help maintain your cooling systems and won’t half-step anything in the process. 

At CPI, your comfort and convenience come first. We work towards achieving overall client satisfaction, from customer service to labor etiquette. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Washington’s favorite HVAC contractors!

Call CPI Plumbing Heating & Cooling for AC repair, replacement, and maintenance at (360) 822-9306

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