Hiring an Air Conditioner Cleaning Service for Spring

Hiring an Air Conditioner Cleaning Service for Spring

Air conditioning maintenance isn’t the most popular topic in spring, but it’s certainly a topic worth discussing, especially before summertime.

Spring is the ideal time to get a tune-up for your AC system. It helps prepare your home for warmer weather. 

It would be a mistake to wait until the middle of summer before contacting HVAC contractors. If you wait until then to do the necessary check-ups, your AC unit may become problematic and run inefficiently

Spring is best for getting your system checked and serviced for optimum efficiency and stability. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Summer for HVAC Maintenance

Besides waiting for more than usual because everyone else did too, winter may have already done a number on your AC unit. These underlying problems might just be waiting to wreak havoc once you turn your AC systems on again.

Don’t give minor issues the opportunity to develop. Don’t be a victim of poor and inefficient air conditioning.

Remember, it pays to be proactive

Think ahead, skip the line, and save yourself some time! 

Enlist Professional Routine Services for Your HVAC Systems

Hiring routine services saves you the hassle of having to get in line every time. Routine services eradicate most of the guesswork for homeowners. 

You don’t have to know maintenance tasks in-depth. Instead, you can leave your air conditioners in the hands of reliable experts. 

Professional AC services help nip problems in the bud. They can also observe mechanical issues that are harder for the untrained eye to pinpoint. 

How do you know who to call? 

The first step is knowing what you are calling them for and when you need their services. Basic services can be carried out by local maintenance workers, but they might not have the equipment it takes to conduct more complex tasks.

What Indicators Suggest My HVAC System Needs Services? 

Pay close attention to your equipment and see if you notice anything. Listed below are some signs that should prompt you to sound the alarm

Call the experts immediately if you observe any of the following red flags:

  • Weak Airflow From Your Indoor Unit    

Your temperature may be stable and accurate, but the airflow has weakened. This problem may stem from several causes. 

It could be due to clogged air filters, air vents, or a leak.

  • Unstable Cooling Distribution 

This time, your airflow may be working fine, but temperatures aren’t as amiable. One or more of your indoor units might struggle to respond to thermostat settings.

Unstable temperatures won’t improve on their own. You must immediately address any issues related to unreliable cooling.

  • You Can Literally Smell And Hear That Something Is Wrong

Unusual noises and foul odors usually mean that your system is in trouble. Noticeable manifestations occur more frequently with older AC systems.

We should reach out to professionals instead of guessing. It’s easier to tell where underlying issues lie with proper evaluation by a professional technician.

  •  Your Electricity Bills Are Shocking (No Pun Intended)

Spikes in utility and energy costs may indicate problems with your HVAC system. Whether the increase is due to neglecting maintenance or improper installations, they will reflect on your monthly dues.

Having your HVAC system serviced properly by experienced professionals is the key to preventing inefficiency. Observing routine maintenance can help you avoid recurring mechanical issues, saving you time and money.

What to Look for in HVAC Contractors 

Remember, you cannot put a price tag on your family’s comfort and security. Hiring the wrong people to do the work will cost you more time and money while risking your health and safety

Steer clear of the many unreliable and overpriced HVAC companies. There are more than a handful of companies, big and small, that won’t hesitate to cut corners to save on costs.

They might trick you with “cost-effective” services, promising shorter timeframes and more affordable brandless alternatives. However, they may only be tactics used to bait less knowledgeable clients.

There are reputable companies providing affordable yet effective services.

Qualities of Reputable HVAC Contractors

How can you identify those who skim off the top and put your cooling systems at risk? The key lies in knowing what to look for when hiring contractors. 

Many things should factor into your decision-making process. We put together the most critical qualities every reliable contractor should possess below.

Customer Service

Customer service is always a good place to start. From the moment representatives pick up your call, you may already tell how the company handles its clients

Listen to how well they intend on handling your concerns, it may just give you the insight you need. They aren’t called customer care for nothing. 

Customer representatives are tell-tale indicators of how companies present themselves in the long run. Are their representatives dismissive and arrogant, or are they accommodating and warm?

Qualifications or Credentials

Another factor is how qualified they are on paper. Do they have any supporting documented credentials to back their reputation? 

Any proper permits they can provide to conduct different jobs? What about original licensing

These are some of the things to keep in mind when assessing your potential contractor’s legitimacy.


Fair pricing is always crucial. Prices, alone, aren’t the best scale to gauge a contractor’s credibility. 

Some service prices are unbelievably cheap while others are far too expensive. Don’t allow shocking prices in either direction tip the scales of your decision-making. 

Cheap services may have a hidden agenda, resulting in a costly catch later. On the other hand, you may only pay for the company premium with expensive yet ineffective services. 

Always go for the price range that is in line with industry standards.  


The most important factor all homeowners should look for is longevity and experience

Do they have a good track record? How long have they been in service? What are the most common comments about the company? 

Make sure you get honest and accurate answers. These are all questions worth knowing the answer to before hiring anyone to handle your AC systems. 

What Should I Expect During Regular HVAC Maintenance?

You don’t have to know everything about your air conditioners. However, knowing what to expect may provide you with more insight regarding the professionals you hire. 

You may interpret the credibility of the company you hire by the services they offer. What is within their realm of capabilities? Can they provide you with all the maintenance services you  need?

If the technicians you hire can’t give you the tasks listed below, they might be less capable than other contractors. 

  • Thorough Inspection of Your HVAC Equipment   

Thorough inspections should always come first. A rigorous examination of your entire AC system will help identify various issues. 

Professionals always conduct comprehensive inspections before coming up with any estimates. If a technician offers you services without so much as inspecting your air conditioner’s internal components, they may not be as reliable as you thought. 

Skipping critical steps involved in due diligence immediately indicates inefficiency.

  • Refrigerant Level Test

It would be imprudent to ignore or delay any problems you may have with your refrigerant lines. Any leaks should be repaired immediately, as this can present an unprecedented health hazard for your home.

A refrigerant recharge isn’t considered a significant tune-up but  a necessary maintenance task. Any specialist worth his salt should know how to remedy compromised refrigerant levels and supply lines.

  • Cleaning of Your HVAC Equipment

Poor equipment hygiene may give rise to mold growth, and that’s a problem you don’t want to have. Thoroughly cleaning your air conditioning units promotes efficiency and safety.

Contractors without the necessary tools to dismantle, clean, and replace units may not be well-equipped. Who knows what else they are missing from their arsenal? Don’t risk your home to find out.

  • Thermostat Calibration     

A veteran HVAC technician will visit your thermostat, observing its internal and external conditions. Experienced contractors know to ensure that it is functioning properly.

If your thermostat is lagging or unresponsive, technicians will recalibrate them to ensure quicker responses and more accurate readings.

Be Wary of Who You Trust With HVAC Maintenance

Inspection, evaluation, cleaning, and repairs should all be included during annual AC maintenance. Reliable contractors can provide all sorts of services, including everything listed above. 

Call reliable HVAC contractors for annual maintenance service and speak to them about the current state of your system. 

Hiring reputable AC Repair & Maintenance services is always key in preserving your air conditioning systems and getting your money’s worth.

Remember, we’re not looking for kids doing a summer job. These jobs will affect your comfort and privacy

Always strive to go only for the best service you can find.

Need Someone for AC Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance in Mount Vernon, WA?

HVAC maintenance is meticulous and requires great attention to detail. The most helpful tip for hiring air conditioner cleaning services during spring is to contact CPI Plumbing & Heating.

We are Washington’s most reliable HVAC contractors offering residents comprehensive HVAC services. 

Your units might not only need a thorough cleaning if you want your air conditioners primed and pristine for summer. Your AC unit may need other maintenance efforts that are beyond an average homeowner’s capacity. 

Don’t worry, our HVAC specialists can cover for you. 

Our company ensures you only get qualified people for the job. We can be there for you, whether you need a significant repair or a simple AC Filter Replacement, which is advisable during spring. 

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