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CPI Plumbing & Heating has 27 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining heating systems. Whether they are radiant in-floor or traditional heating systems, we have the know-how. Whether you are in the Skagit Valley or on the Islands, we can take care of all your heating needs.

Radiant In-Floor Heating
If you are in the early stages of creating your dream home, you have a unique opportunity. Installing radiant in-floor heating will keep your toes warm all winter long. And, what's more, it is hypoallergenic and energy efficient.

We design, service, and maintain commercial radiant in-floor heating systems.

Furnace & Boiler Maintenance
Regular maintenance is essential to extending the life or your system and increasing efficiency. Even something as simple as dust will damage your furnace. Many people install the wrong kind of filter for their furnace's needs. We'll look for these simple issues, as well as check the safety of the system leaving you with peace of mind.

Heating System Repair
If your heat has failed or is not working well, it is time for a professional inspection! Our certified and trained technicians can get your system back in tip-top shape in no time!

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