Don't Get Hosed By Your Washing Machine

Don't Get Hosed By Your Washing Machine

We've all heard the horror stories - a friend comes back from vacation or home from work to find their house under water... literally! Flooding from washing machines is one of the most common and easily preventable causes of water damage in homes. CPI Plumbing has a few easy steps that can keep your home safe and DRY:

50% of washing machine water damage claims are caused by supply hoses problems. You may be surprised to know the majority of these issues are found in newer machines. Rubber hoses have about a 3-year lifespan. Check them periodically for signs of wear and tear like leaking, blistering and brittleness. A common cause of breaks is when the "coupling" bends, and the edge gets ragged. Over time, this will cut into the hose.

Don't let the hose kink up; there should be a few inches of space between the machine and the water supply. If you just moved the washer to grab that lost sock, make sure the connections didn't get loose.

Unfortunately, you can't always visually tell if hoses need repair or replacing. When in doubt, call us for an inspection. If needed, CPI Plumbing can replace a bad hose with a new rubber hose, or better yet, a stainless steel one.

There's no such thing as a small leak. Untreated dripping can lead to mold issues and major water damage to your walls, floors, and sub-flooring. At the first sign, call CPI! It's a good idea to install a drip pan before there's a problem to protect the immediate area until we can get out there to do a repair.

If you are taking a summer vacation, and prefer not to come home to your very own waterpark, remember to turn off your water supply while you are gone.

Taking these preventative steps may help save you from a stressful, costly and inconvenient disaster. CPI Plumbing is here for you - call us today!


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