The Day Henry Saved Grandy Creek!

The Day Henry Saved Grandy Creek!

Henry CPI Plumbing

It was a beautiful late spring day, the 7th of May to be exact; one of those days where you are glad you took four days off of work to enjoy with the family. My family, along with three other families were spending our Mother's Day weekend at Grandy Creek KOA in the scenic area of Concrete in Skagit County. Everyone was enjoying the activities of the day; kite flying, hiking, Frisbee throwing, adult beverages and jumping on the bouncy pillow. Then all of a sudden our fun came to a screeching halt.

An evil doer in a rented RV from far-off Northern lands had ruptured the main water line for our area of the campground. Apparently the bright yellow box covering the water line was not enough warning, and he decided to try and drive over it, but I digress. It was a sight to behold, a geyser of water on par with Old Faithful, on a lackluster kind of day to be truthful, but a geyser none the less.

The prompt and pleasant park staff was soon on site assuring everyone that the problem would be addressed in very short order, "Henry was on his way!" While waiting for Henry to make the long, tedious, and often times treacherous drive from the heart of downtown Mt. Vernon the park staff feverously attempted to stop the hemorrhaging of water anyway they could. They were driving here and there in their unmarked white golf carts, zipping from one irrigation box to the next in a vain attempt to cease the flow of water. They did accomplish their desired task, but in turn eliminated all water flow to the entire park of more than one hundred and twenty sites, to include RV's, tents, and cabins. Needless to say, this was a real eye opener.

Camping with eleven children, all of whom think getting dirty is a competitive sport, with no water would be an undertaking to be scoffed at by John Muir himself. Their gallant efforts did not go unpunished, though. While attempting to secure the water situation for the park, a valve was closed, and a pressure pump was inadvertently left on, this resulted in a ruptured six-inch coupling on the main water line at the top of the hill next to the creepy and frightening water tower and pump house.

About 8 pm the Calvary arrived "Henry is here! Hip Hip Hoorah" Henry was able to fix the ruptured mainline at the site of the alleged malicious activity in a time frame only a professional of his stature could accomplish. Although the original problem had become a drop in the bucket, so to speak, compared to the horror that awaited him at the top of "The Hill!" Henry had to scratch and claw his way to the top as his fully stocked service vehicle with awesome graphics, air conditioning, and telescoping rear view mirrors couldn't possibly make the trek, to be truthful, he did have use of a golf cart.

Honestly, though, the trail leading up was only fit for a mountain goat. Henry trudged his tools up the hill in the pitch black without nearly a murmur of discontent nevertheless. Quite a bit of time had passed, as time will since we had seen Henry or heard from him when out of the thick darkness a thundering crack of an explosion occurred. We sat stunned for a moment, after all, it was now the following day and by most accounts after 12:30 am.

Our first thoughts were of what could have possibly caused the explosion, but quickly shifted to wondering if Henry was still up on "The Hill." I walked down to the site of the original incident and saw that Henry's truck was still sitting in the same place he had left it, fully secured and waiting for his return. Upon returning to my campsite and calling to order a meeting of fellow campers we decided it best that Brandon and myself make the long and arduous footslog to the top of "The Hill" to check on Henry's well-being.

After a burdensome odyssey of no less than ten minutes, we arrived to survey the area and found Henry's chosen mode of transportation abandoned in the weeds on the side of the trail like a spent pack mule. While scouting the area we saw that there was no current sign of Henry, Henry was AWOL.

Having seen Henry's previous dedication to his job and knowing the current predicament, we knew it was entirely possible that Henry had fallen victim to some beastly occurrence or worst yet, something bad! We trudged back down "The Hill" with our heads hanging low in sorrow, but our awareness heightened because of the alarming events that were unfolding. When we arrived back at our base camp, we discussed further actions with our fellow patriots.

It was decided that we, Brandon and I, would go and inform the park manager that their and our knight in shining armor had fallen victim to some kind of evil, possibly extraterrestrial, misdeeds. While in route to the managers abode we heard possible rustling in the common people's bathhouse, upon a cursory inspection we heard the faint sound of human voices.

We decided we should enter and investigate further. Upon entering the main area we announced ourselves and our intentions, a quick a polite response followed from Henry. No one truly knows what the explosion was, but everyone was okay. Apparently the golf cart batteries had died and although it was now 1:15 am Henry was still onsite and flushing the water lines out because he had gotten everything up and running.

It takes a special kind of person to spend his Saturday night getting a water system up and running, so other people's weekends are not ruined. He could have just said "I'll be back tomorrow with the right parts," but that is not Henry. He stayed until the job was done and had to manufacture parts onsite to do so. I give many thanks to Henry as do all of the people I was camping with, Thank You Henry.

Disclaimer: I am an employee of CPI, but everything stated above is without a doubt about 98.7% true. My family was camping at Grandy Creek, and Henry did come and save the weekend. Yes, we were worried that something had happened because the explosion was very loud. Thanks Henry!


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