The Story Of The Neglected Plumbing Repairs

The Story Of The Neglected Plumbing Repairs


It’s a nice sunny day, and you’re feeling great. You make your bed, pick your outfit for the day, and head into the bathroom to take a relaxing, hot shower. You turn the temperature higher and higher, yet the only water coming out of the shower is ice-cold. “Hmm, my water heater has been acting up. I can’t even remember that last time that was inspected. Maybe I should get it checked sometime soon.” After some contemplation, you decide to brave the cold and take a shower anyway.

You’re feeling a little grumpy now as you get dressed, but still you’re determined to have a good day. You grab your toothbrush and turn on the sink, only to find grey-ish water that smells like rotten eggs! “Well, I guess a mouth rinse will have to do.” You feel a sneeze coming on. You quickly pull out a tissue and sneeze. You then carelessly toss the tissue into the toilet.

“Man, I really have got to get out of the habit of using the toilet as a waste bin. I could be wasting to 5 gallons per flush!” You shake your head and attempt to flush the toilet. Instead of flushing down the drain, the water begins to rise. You frantically try to stop the overflow, but it's too late. You spend the next ten minutes cleaning up. By the time you head out of the door, you’re exhausted, grumpy, and cold. “Great, now I’ll be late at work, and probably smell funny all day. I should have called a plumber!”

Don’t let your plumbing problems ruin a perfectly good day! Our certified technicians can take care of you. Don’t cry, call CPI (360) 207-2223.

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