Put Your Plumbing Knowledge To The Test

Put Your Plumbing Knowledge To The Test

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CPI Plumbing & Heating crossword puzzle

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2. The Greeks invented the indoor shower for this event.
3. Kitchen fixture
7. Even though he wanted to be a plumber, Ozzy Osbourne became front man of the band "Black ".
10. These "plumbers" aided in Water-gate (2 wds)
11. The "I" in CPI stands for this
13. CPI is twenty years old
14. CPI originated in this Skagit city
16. Decades old the winning water heater of the Oldest Water Heater Con-test was

1. Obama's nickname for the American Middle Class (3 wds)
4. This ancient country used Copper piping 3000 years ago 5. Japan has urinals with activated flush mechanisms.
6. The word plumb comes from the Latin word plumbum which means this
8. Company which make Super Mario Brothers (who are the most recognized plumbers in the mainstream culture)
9. This fever killed the father of the man who in-vented a safe version of a water fountain. (he contracted it through contaminated water)
12. This fixture was not invented by Thomas Crapper, although he gets credited for it
15. Chicago Water Tower was one of the only

Crossword Puzzle Answers

2. Olympic
3. Dishwasher
7. Sabbath
10. White House
11. Integrity
13. Four
14. Anacortes
16. Six

1. Joe the Plumber
4. Egypt
5. Voice
6. Lead
8. Nintendo
9. Typhoid
12. Toilet
15. Fire


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