The Latest in Water Solutions from Water-Right


Clean, fresh drinking water should be available in everyone’s homes! CPI is proud to use filtration systems from American-made Water-Right, who made its first product in Wisconsin over 50 years ago.

Family-owned and an industry leader, Water-Right is focused on cutting-edge products to ensure safe, high-quality water solutions for homeowners. You shouldn’t have to worry what is coming out of your tap! Water-Right systems feature the latest innovations - Sanitizer Plus® uses patented self-chlorinating technology and easy-to-operate Impression Plus® conserves water. If you want to get rid of hard water, Evolve® and WaterCare® units will keep you from putting both water and money down the drain.

CPI’s well-trained technicians can help select the water filtration and water softener products that will provide high-quality water for your family. Ask us about Water-Right today!

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