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Did you know that on average 44% of your electricity bill goes towards heating and cooling your home? As with all technologies, there are rapid advancements in the field of HVAC systems and these advancements can save you big time!

Air Conditioning

Just in time to escape the Summer heat, you can call CPI to repair, service or install a new air conditioning unit.

Don’t have a central cooling system? Our technicians will recommend the best solution for your house, apartment or condo and your budget. Once installed, the cooling system will be covered by our 2 year warranty.


When the temperature drops, CPI Plumbing & Heating has you covered. We will continue to service and install forced air furnaces, hydronic / radiant in-floor system and boiler heating systems.

Central HVAC Systems

A central HVAC system is often called a “heat pump” or a split system. Did you know that by having a central HVAC system you can trim the amount of electricity you use for heating and cooling as much as 30-40 percent?

So if you need HVAC services or installation, you don’t have to cry, you can call CPI! Schedule your appointment today!

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