AirScrubber Plus: Combat Poor Air Quality

AirScrubber Plus: Combat Poor Air Quality

When it comes to air quality, many people are so focused on pollution and outdoor air quality that indoor air quality is left behind. With the recent forest fires in Canada, much of Skagit, Whatcom and especially North Snohomish County is suffering from extremely poor indoor air quality. To combat the poor indoor air quality, you need the AirScrubber Plus. It is designed to completely purify the air that you breathe.

The AirScrubber Plus is the single greatest innovation in the air purification industry. It removes any contaminants in the air, reduces particulates, and freshens the air. The original idea behind the AirScrubber Plus was created by NASA!

We at CPI Plumbing and Heating are passionate about the health of our community. Right now is the best time to install the AirScrubber Plus as the forecast is predicting the smoke will be staying with us for the next week or two. You need to be prepared in the future for poor air quality conditions such as wildfires. Once you install the AirScrubber Plus, you will be happy knowing your family is safe from the devastating impacts of poor air quality.

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